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References for Challenge Courses and Climbing Walls

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
UWL - Adventure Programs
Contact: Thomas Mickschl
Phone: (608) 785-6515

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Hilltop Recreation Center
Contact: Al Wiberg
Phone: (715) 836-5601

Camp Thunderbird - Bemidji, Minnesota
Contact: Shari and Michael Rawitscher
Phone: (314) 647-3168

Camp Chi - Lake Delton, Wisconsin
Contact: Brad Finkel
Phone: (847) 763-3551

Holmen High School - Holmen, Wisconsin
Contact: Steve Eggerichs
Phone: (608) 526-3391

Team Leadership - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Contact: Tim Pflieger
Phone: (920) 746-9999

Huntsman Mental Health - Salt Lake City, Utah

Contact: Joe Walker

Phone: (801) 587-3148





Reach New Heights with ABEE

Do you want to see people just like you reaching new heights? Interested in seeing ABEE products in use? Visit our photo gallery for some great shots of zip lines, climbing walls, climbing towers, and challenge courses. Contact us to talk about your specific needs or shop our online store to get the gear you've been looking for.

Beginning build of an indoor climbing wall.Young girl climbing an ABEE climbing tower.Outdoor climbing tower and challenge course.Staff Training Indoor climbing wall during build.This course combines team static and dynamic events, so there is something for every group! The other side of one of the ABEE climbing towers.Indoor Climbing Wall Training Group


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