Outdoor Climbing Towers and Walls

ABEE is one of the largest full-service providers of outdoor climbing towers and walls in the country. Offering a variety of options in size, features, and design, ABEE works to deliver a climbing structure that best fits the programmatic needs of the client. Traditional design options include:

  • Two, three, and four pole structures.
  • Single or multiple climbing walls.
  • Incorporating challenge course activities into the structure.
  • Assorted contours.
  • Roofs, stair access, and ladder access.

ABEE's outdoor climbing structures are engineered to utilize only top grade materials. All lumber used in construction is treated, all fasteners are either through-bolt or screw attachments, all interchangeable climbing holds are of the artificial "rock" type, and a cable rigging (including both belay and guying systems) meets current ACCT Installation Standards.

Reach New Heights with ABEE

Do you want to see people just like you reaching new heights? Interested in seeing ABEE products in use? Visit our photo gallery for some great shots of zip lines, climbing walls, climbing towers, and challenge courses. Contact us to talk about your specific needs or shop our online store to get the gear you've been looking for.

High Ropes CourseThe other side of one of the ABEE climbing towers.Climber headed to the top!Traditional High Challenge CourseZip Lining through the trees! Indoor Climbing WallIndoor Climbing Wall Training Group


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