Climbing Wall Design and Construction

ABEE designs and builds climbing structures of the finest quality in the challenge course industry. With diligent attention to craftsmanship, detail, and finish work, ABEE's master carpenters' custom-design each climbing wall and tower to include unique features, tailored to the needs and vision of the client.

A variety of contours are available on all climbing surfaces including: positive pitches (inclines), negative pitches, side gables, overhangs (slight to aggressive), "crack" simulations, and chimneys. ABEE takes great pride in the distinctive appearance of each and every climbing tower and climbing wall they construct.

ABEE encourages you to compare the design, structural integrity, visual appeal, and overall usability of their climbing structures against other similar products in the field. In doing so, it's easy to see why ABEE is a step ahead of the competition, and truly in a league of their own.

Reach New Heights with ABEE

Do you want to see people just like you reaching new heights? Interested in seeing ABEE products in use? Visit our photo gallery for some great shots of zip lines, climbing walls, climbing towers, and challenge courses. Contact us to talk about your specific needs or shop our online store to get the gear you've been looking for.

Indoor climbing wall during build.Indoor climbing workshop.Kids figuring out the spider web in San Antonio.The other side of one of the ABEE climbing towers.Outdoor high elements challenge course.Outdoor high elements challenge course.Young girl climbing an ABEE climbing tower.Challenge course spider web.Beginning build of an indoor climbing wall.ABEE climbing tower.Girls getting ready to zip line in San Antonio.


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